Benjamin Thomas Taylor -  Flamingo II

Benjamin Thomas Taylor - Flamingo II

Benjamin Thomas Taylor

Benjamin Thomas Taylor


Benjamin Thomas Taylor is a British artist based in London, who paints PopArt style landscapes. Having grown up around Snowdonia, but spending much of his life in the city, Benjamin brings his experience of both these spaces to his art.

Benjamin studied painting at the University of Brighton where he gained his BA in fine art painting , and after a mixed career including self-exhibiting and teaching fine art for 8 years he has gone onto exhibit for a number of London galleries as well as designing an cover album for Paulo Nutini.

As part of a collection of kitsch items, Ben had paint by number kits. ‘I used to just pin them up, unpainted on my wall. I loved the sense of possibility the unpainted diagrams gave. I'd just sit there and think about which colours would go where. An early piece of work involved displaying small piles of pigment on a shelf in front of the unpainted diagrams.’ Ben says. The idea evolved into including text into the images and has developed into the paintings much admired today. 

His detailed landscapes, encapsulating a sense of joy, invite us to cross over from reality into a parallel world full of colour and possibility.