Dialogue Domestique 81

Dialogue Domestique 81


Hand finished mixed media 3D collage ‘Dream Box’
24cm x 36cm x 7cm
Dialogue Domestique pieces explore ideas of order an dchaos in domestic settings. The media are full of fantasies of the ‘perfect home’ but in reality the home is also the setting for emotional scenarios. Images of ‘falling’ - often experienced in dreams - can, amongst other things, signal early fears and traumas which have been defended against in adult life. Chairs or objects in rows can be seen as a metaphor for an illusion of order and control with some small visual clues of disturbance. The empty chair stands as a sort of proxy for the person. It simultaneously creates presence and absence.


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Frances plays with illusion and nothing being quite what it appears. For example the ‘trees’ in her work are actually developed form seaweed shapes. She plays with the illusion of space, like theatre does, so the space seems much bigger than it actually is. She also illustrates the space left behind when people leave settings - such as doorways and staircases.