Copper Tropicana LAST ONE

Copper Tropicana LAST ONE


Screenprint with hand applied copper leaf
70cm x 50cm
Signed Limited Edition of 50 ONLY ONE LEFT

‘Copper Tropicana’ showcases Amelia’s interest in the triangular relationship between the natural world, the metropolis and human implication. The pot plant represents nature tamed and enclosed and, in the frightening hands of the human, Amelia shows us the damage that we inflict on the natural world around us and the feeling of trapped wilderness and overcrowded streets of London.

Similarly to one of Marcelina’s biggest influences Frida Kahlo, in this piece Marcelina uses catholic mythology references, she also finds inspiration in nature while portraying female form and experience with a hint of autobiographical elements.

‘Copper Tropicana’, with its bright palette, and use of both figurative and abstract elements, is a powerful piece of print work.



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‘I like to play at the tense borders between lust and innocence; joy and sadness; fun and pain. My interest in juxtaposition comes from my origins and fascination with East European culture which was eloquently described by Grayson Perry as ‘nowhere else could such horrific grief be met with such fairly-tale romanticism’.

‘I tend to utilise nature as a metaphor for everyday feelings and headaches.

My recent work also dwells into themes of self acceptance, body positivity, representations of the female sexuality, gender, migration, and society. Although some of the subjects I take on are often quite dark I like to think that there is some humour and light in my finished artwork.

Marcelina says of her process: 'I draw and paint all the elements separately on either tracing paper or cartridge paper then I scan them and collage them together digitally, adding some colour and textures and even paint some elements digitally. So therefore there is no physical original it has been created digitally but uses various elements of my original material