Archival pigment inks and screen print with sparkly ink and spot varnish
70cm x 50cm

Only a few from the edition and A/P and P/P remaining unframed - plus 2 framed copies - please enquire - thank you

Signed limited edition of 75

‘Florence’ depicts Silver Screen siren Sigrid Gurie, her glittering green eyes and rouge lips picked out from the vintage greyscale photograph. Musing on relationships, Florence symbolises all of our very human connections: the pain as well as the joy, the wonder and the excitement, the romance, the turmoil, the love and hate, the climbing, the dancing, and the falling. Nestled amongst the flora and fauna of Rivans’ signature headdress, look out for emotional symbols: dangling keys to represent the unlocking of the soul; a giant magnet earring simultaneously symbolises attraction and the toil of breaking-up; a tiny figure climbs a ladder of aspiration; while the US Capitol signifies the political relationships that colour all of our lives. Named after the beautiful Italian city of Florence (the birthplace of Rivans’ grandmother), the print gently recalls the Renaissance: the Golden Age of figurative art and the wellspring of aesthetic beauty. 


Very limited stock please enquire