Maria Rivans - Eve

Maria Rivans - Eve


Eve (Hedy Lamarr) Archival pigment inks and screenprint with foil gold iridescent lilac and varnish on Somerset paper
121cm x 87cm
Limited edition of 60

Eve symbolizes the birth of life, the beginning of time and the life we live here on our incredible home we call Planet Earth. Synonymous with the Garden of Eden and one of my favourite paintings The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch. We are physical beings that are fortunate enough to experience all that Mother Nature has gifted us and Eve represents the immense beauty of our world of wonder.Starring Hedy Lamarr, born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler, she was not only known as a the famous silver screen actor but was also an inventor and pioneer in the field of wireless communications.

The imagery within the collage begins with feathers and watch fobs wrapping Eve’s torso. Time is a human invention that does not exist, we only have the now, the feathers are a symbol of freedom to remind us to escape the constraints of time we have put upon us. As we begin to travel towards the top of the collage we notice that there are more animals and fauna at the bottom of the headdress and more humans towards the top. This represents the time-line of the evolutionary history of life

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Maria Rivans is a contemporary British artist, known for her mash- up of Surrealism meets Pop-Art aesthetic.

Rivans studied 3D design at the University of Brighton. Growing up with her Italian family, hours of her childhood were devoted to drawing and doodling, while she soaked up the televisual culture that would come to form her greatest influence.

The artists who have defined Rivans’ work include: Max Ernst; Robert Rauschenberg; Richard Hamilton; Sarah Lucas; and Tracey Emin as well as David Bowie; Vivienne Westwood; Alfred Hitchcock; and David Lynch.

Rivans’ artwork is known for its unique approach to collaging. Intertwining different film and TV genres, Rivans’ work reinvents existing film plots and narratives, to spin bizarre and dreamlike tales.

Her process begins with her collection of vintage ephemera, which she collates and assembles with an intense attention to detail until the collage takes shape. Her work takes the form of large-scale originals and limited edition prints, and notable series have included: pin-ups; landscapes; film stills; and 3D box collages.

Maria works from her studio in Brighton. She exhibits work throughout the UK as well as internationally, including Hong Kong, New York and across Europe. Solo shows include the Saatchi Gallery, London, and Galerie Bhak, Seoul.