Paul Marnef - Crabs Eye View

Paul Marnef - Crabs Eye View

Paul Marnef

Veteran Belgian photographer, Paul Marnef has been practicing the art of photography for over 30 years with the same enthusiasm and a constant desire to renew himself today as he did when he started.

His pictures in the form of “tiny planets” are, in his words‘downright amusing, poetic and somewhat resemble the world of “The Little Prince” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) ‘ The finished artworks are made from multiple images ranging from a dozen to up to hundreds of individual photographs. 

Recently, he has been particularly interested in new HDR techniques which play on differences in brightness and allow to obtain photos not achievable under normal conditions. 

The effect is surprising and strange and at the intersection of drawing, painting, computer graphics and photography. His world is a changing and contrasting one. His somewhat surreal vision of urban space aims to show buildings in a new way. Their architecture is transformed radically, changing the aspect ratio to become sometimes unrecognizable, yet completely intriguing.

Paul is a co-founder of the Belgian photo press agency Isopix :