Louise McNaught - Consume

Louise McNaught - Consume


Liberty Gallery and ROSL ARTS

Royal Over-Seas League, 5 Park Place, St James's,Mayfair, London SW1A 1LR

It was an absolute pleasure to work with ROSL ARTS an our exhibition from May to August 2018 which presented the works of artists who Edit, Adapt and Evolve from reality.

Our exhibiting artists were Benjamin Thomas Taylor, Bonnie and Clyde, Dan Hillier, David Wightman, Frances Bloomfield, Joe Webb, Lars Tunebo ,Louise McNaught, Magnus Gjoen and Maria Rivans. 

The exhibition will presented work during Mayfair Art Weekend where the gallery was open late on Friday June 29 for Gallery Hop! and we also presented a brunch talk on Saturday June 30 with exhibiting artists Frances Bloomfield and David Wightman expanding on their practice, creative process and how they Edit, Adapt, Evolve to create the work exhibited. 

We’re very pleased to announce we have been invited to exhibit in 2019 and this year we are presenting a solo show by Louise McNaught.

Louise McNaught is a British artist whose work celebrates the glory of nature and animals. She uses blazing neon colours and mixed media to give her subjects a godlike, heavenly quality. Louise’s gentle touch highlights the delicate relationship we humans have with nature. ‘Consume’ will present a new body of work by the artist, exploring the materiality of the modern world in her signature style of stunning detail and bold colours.

The exhibition will open the week of Mayfair Art Weekend with a Private View on the evening Thursday 27 June, followed by the MAW Gallery HOP! event on the evening of Friday 28 June. The main event of the weekend will be an Artist’s Brunch on Saturday 29 June where Louise McNaught will share her work in an intimate talk and demonstration. All the events are free, and booking will be available on the ROSL website from April 2019 at