Osaka Hospital

Osaka Hospital


Photo-etching & mono print. Original photo-etching with hand colouring on paper.
89cm x 77cm
Signed limited edition of 10

Sophie’s work consist of a series of monotypes that explore light and an aim to create expression through the use of colour to achieve a rich, painterly quality in print, incorporating photo-etched imagery within her monotypes. The trial and error nature of making monotypes is more organic than many printmaking processed and offers an immediacy with results happening quickly. Made bye exposing UV light onto a sheet of steel through a negative of the image, this is then put into acid which corrodes the metal where the light has not been able to pass through which becomes the shadows and dark spaces due to the ink remaining in the textured areas. Primary coloured inks are played onto a palette and after mixing the paint, the image is then created by rolling very thin layers of ink onto a sheet of aluminium which is then run through the press. This creates a mirror image of what has bee laid down and by going back and forth from palette to press the image and painterly quality is achieved.

Framed £1,600

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